Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wild Camping UK

Wild camping is mostly illegal here in the UK except for parts of Dartmoor and the majority (if not all) of Scotland, we’re no strangers to wild campers here about’s it’s not unusual to see a tent or a tarp set up in the local woods. Generally it’s kids although I know one father and son who do it often, more often than not they’re hidden away and tidy up when they leave and don’t infringe upon the enjoyment of anyone else.
Today I’m walking along the brook with the dogs and notice a splash of blue in the distance through the trees, I pretty much guessed what it was but the location baffled me as we got closer……….
shitbags02  4 tents in a little cluster I also noticed another further to the right of this picture.
The mess inside this little cluster was frightful, I noticed a dog rummaging amongst the debris munching on discarded food I knew it wasn’t their dog I recognised as belonging to an older chap I see most days.

shitbags03  The lone tent you can see the bits spread out even in this crappy photo taken from my phone.

shitbags01  This really isn’t good.

shitbags  Dirty bastards, cider cans, beer bottles, food and food wrappers.

Continuing on my walk I bumped into a group of regulars including the owner of the dog I’d seen helping itself to breakfast, we all agreed no one would mind people camping if they’d shown a little respect for the area this group even commented on the kids you often see in the woods that no one bats an eyelid at because they keep it tidy. I mentioned it to the ranger on my way past the farmhouse, I was informed the group of regulars had already beaten me to it and it was going to be dealt with.
We’ll see tomorrow what damage was done and how much mess has been left for us to tidy up, it’s because of people like this the rest of us have to suffer.

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