Thursday, 31 May 2012

Survival Lighter

I saw this idea just the other day posted by a UK poster on an American forum, I'm not big on mini kits but thought I'd give it a bash see what I came up with using stuff I had laying around.
I call this The Gent after the poster I pinched the idea off of:

Basic refillable lighter:

EDC Knife I no longer carry:

Removed the blades:

The blades were slightly too long so ground them down, and added a small nail to help make a handle for them should the need ever arise. I then taped the blades either side of the lighter using electrical tape:

3 meters of sewing thread wrapped around a needle:

This was wrapped in clingfilm and taped along the spine of the saw to balance out the small nail being taped to the spine of the knife.
4 fishing hooks 2 small, 2 larger made into a parcel using electrical tape then wedged behind the knife blade for security:

Hooks are no good without line so I next added 4 meters of 25lb test line:

Next 4x 20" lengths of craft wire, can be used to make snares or help secure blades when making handles:

Topped off with 1 meter of 550 paracord and secured with duct tape:

Lighter still works as it should and access is still clear to refill:

In an ideal world I'd put a length of rubber innertube over the paracord but the only stuff I have laying about if for mountain bikes and would be too loose. If I do find some innertube the right size I'll add it and maybe slide a button compass under it to finish off.

Looking for a home:

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