Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sticky Weed / Cleavers

Stickyweed   Stickweed01  Galium aparine

  • Scientific Name: Galium aparine L.
  • Common name(s): cleavers, clivers, goosegrass, kisses, stickyweed, stickybud, sticky willy
  • Conservation Status: Not threatened - this species is widespread and often considered a weed.
  • Habitat: Common in hedgerows and field margins, native on scree slopes and shingle, and as a weed in gardens and wasteland.
  • Key Uses: The whole plant is edible, though not particularly tasty; it is also reputed to have a number of medicinal properties.
  • Known hazards: The sap and hooked hairs (which are bristly to touch) can cause contact dermatitis.


Some of the Medicinal Uses:

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