Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mora V Green River or ?

I've fallen out of love with my Mora, for some reason I'm not quite sure why it just doesn't do it for me any more. I'm currently using it as a project knife, I've forced a patina on there for fun, done a little engraving with the burning iron and I'm even thinking of putting some jimping on there BUT I'm not using it.

Funnily enough this realisation came around the same time as I'm moving away from forums and more towards my blog, I'm cruising different blogs looking for tips and idea's and came across this article
Now I love my Green River I fell in love with the looks when Sticks65 first posted a picture of one looking for information, unusually for me I went straight and bought it. It's a nice knife with a few small niggles, it doesn't look like your typical Bushcraft knife but it actually does everything you need a knife for. There wasn't really that much difference in the cost either tbh and for the small difference there is the green river is full tang.

I still prefer my old bastard knife over either of the two………….. Horses for courses :o)

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