Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Budget Bushcraft Cooker

A while ago I came across a nice simple cheap Meths/ Alcohol cooker courtesy of a chap called Gawletap  on youtube
I didn’t have a hexy stove/ trangia cooker to use nor a crusader cookset, so this appealed to me along with being ideal for someone starting out in bushcraft but I needed to overcome the pot rest in a cheap simple fashion to compliment the cooker.
This is what I came up with (a little of the process):
Step 1: Make a tuna sandwich

Step 2: Make some air vents, this was a fail not enough air was getting in.

Step 3: Try again.

Step 4: More holes I added some water to just below the already cut holes and froze it to help the metal retain its shape while drilling and cutting the slots for cross bars to stabilize the pot.
Cookset04   Cookset05

Step 5: Get cooking, first up the meths/ alcohol cooker.
Cookset06  Cookset07   
Rolling boil a shade over 8minutes

Bush buddy (waxed cardboard cooker)
Cookset11  Cookset12

Rolling boil around 14minutes, it was hot enough to make a brew with at about 10minutes it was an old cooker made it 4-5yrs ago not sure if that would effect heating times both times I use 350ml of water. Both cookers are made using old shoe polish tins, the cross supports from an old tent peg I found in the woods and the billy can is a kitchen canister I got for 50p from a charity shop I do have a larger one I got for £1 from the market but for a short hike the smaller one is ideal just needs a pail type handle.

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