Sunday, 29 April 2012

I must be mad!!

Well you can certainly tell who the real dog walkers are, today they’re soaking wet and sniffling. Bloody horrendous rain coming in from all directions and the winds blowing a good’un :o)

Something almost primeval about being in the woods during a storm, hearing the crack of branches breaking overhead and in the distance even the birds are muted as if fearing drawing attention and thus the wrath of the Gods during this elemental temper tantrum.

Noticed something I haven’t seen before soapy foam bubbles running down the side of several tree’s, my google-fu is weak and I can only find 2 other people asking about the subject matter and no answers seem forthcoming I’ll post on a couple of forums later and see if that produces any results.


Bubbles  Bubbles01

UPDATE This is the reply I got from Bushcraftuk it kinda ties in with my own thoughts, really I should have investigated more texture, smell but it was REALLY horrible out (in a nice to be out sort of way)
It's likely to be the saponin from the tree, its a natural type of soap, that is used by the tree as a form of defence again insects. Beach trees and oak trees both contain saponin within the bark. Looking at the picture I'm pretty sure that's what it is

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