Saturday, 28 April 2012

Getting out

I’m getting out every day now because of these guys ………


DSCF1186   DSCF1192   DSCF1193


Loki featured earlier in the blog helping us make a shelter. Diesels been with us 7weeks (to Loki’s 7months) another rescue dog some bastard really did a number on him, he had major issues with men luckily Loki took him under his wing and its almost like they grew up together. In the 7weeks he’s been with us he’s he’s learnt to trust me and isn’t so shy around strangers (males) as he was, he’s also learning to play both with us and other dogs.

Since getting laid off at the end of Feb my wife starting a new job start of April and us deciding on a role reversal where I’m now a house husband, I’m getting out everyday even if it’s just for a couple of hours with the boys. That’s one reason I’ve decided to pick up on the blog again, previously my getting out was hit and miss and I didn’t really have the time for the blog now though I can share and hopefully learn from any comments and feedback.

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