Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bahadur’s new sheath.

Khukuri House make fantastic knives, quality v cost I think the only thing to rival them is maybe condor HOWEVER their sheaths suck ass imho, I looked at getting a custom sheath made but that would have been anywhere from between £60-£90.
I recently bough the MOD issue machete sheath £10 including postage from evilbay, the knife fitted inside no problems but with a little too much room to manoeuvre. Remembering m4040’s modification something I’d done to a previous knife, I removed the belt loop from the existing sheath and inserted the whole thing into the new machete sheath, with a few minor adjustments its damn near perfect.

The Belt loops really are a pile of pooh
newsheath02 newsheath01

Inserted the original sheath into the new one, I had to bend the one re-enforcing band to stop it rubbing the horn handle and make drawing and sheathing easier

Nice tidy fit, even without the securing straps it held the knife upside down


These sheaths come with a ready attached belt and quick release buckle

newsheath06 newsheath03

BUT I didn’t like that soooo…….


Now its just about perfect for my needs, affordable and practical solution.

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