Friday, 6 January 2012

Review: Bahadur Knife

My new Khukuri House blade: Bahadur is actually a copy version of a custom-designed knife made by “Khukuri House Handicraft Industry” for one of its customers. Since its features resembled the shape and style of a kukri, KHHI also started producing on its own for resale. A complete new name “Bahadur” which is one of the most common middle names of a person in Nepal is given to identify this knife in a customary way. “Bahadur” in Nepali means brave and courageous which this work of art truly deserves and discloses, and thus the name. It is also a genuine effort by KHHI to dedicate this knife to the Gurkhas, as most of their middle names have Bahadur since immemorial, which truly depict their character.
The shape of this knife is slightly curved with wider surface at the front section. The bevel of the knife is larger than regular ones which advances the cutting ability. A pointed nozzle pops out of the blade that works as a blood dipper. The handle is the strongest point; a unique distinct handle where the metal of the blade in the handle area is flat, not narrow and pointed as in other knives. The blade is therefore visible all around the handle. The two handles are firmly glued to the tang and further joined strongly by aluminum rivets that can also be seen at the sides. Unlike typical khukuri handle, the front-edge contour and curve is made to fit the palm of a user in a most comfortable and best possible way. The curve resistance designated for the index finger facilitates a stronger grip and easier handling.
Bahadur has a special embossed (pattern) buffalo leather (also seen in the picture) scabbard but the basic tools (Karda & Chakmak) are discarded. A white metallic round chape is fixed to protect the sharp concluding point of the scabbard.

What did Santa Bring me?

Yay down to the bubble wrap!!

More wrapping......

Yet MORE!!

Aaahhhhh there she is

Well oiled...........

9" Blade

5.5" Handle (nice for mans hands)


7mm at widest point.

I was originally looking at kukri, I wanted something to do the jobs of a small camp axe/ hatchet but with a little more versatility I spotted Bahadur and it was lust at first sight so when wifey asked what I wanted.... I pointed it out. In hidesight I should have asked for a lanyard hole, its a small thing but would have made a good knife great.

I can't wait til my next day off take this girl down to the woods and see what she can do.

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