Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shelter fun

Went to the woods yesterday with the family packed some sandwich's bottle of pop and everyone wrapped up warm, the kids had a project they wanted to try so we set about their first lean too/ den in the woods.
We started with basic frame of uprights then we laid/interwove some horizontal struts to help catch the leaves,

Starting to cover

Collecting leaves

Practicing saw usage and sharps safety, Charlotte used the budget Asda (Walmart) £3 folding saw Amber the WilkinsonSword retractable.

Loki (the dog) helping the wife carry a stick

Had enough

Was a fun couple of hours and informative for the girls and tbh for me too as to their reactions and interest. Ideally I'd have liked it bigger with more leaves over the top BUT it was JUST big enough for the 4 of us and after a night of heavy rain we, went back this morning walking the dog and the underside was bone dry so at a pinch it'd do short term if needed

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