Monday, 24 October 2011


Just some musings on mans best friend the loveable mutt, the subject of best dog to own has come up on various survivalist forums I've frequented over the years and everyone has their personal favourite, I'm of the opinion dogs are like knives there is no one size fits all. Our last dog Ben (RIP) was a spaniel collie cross, daft as a brush I'd seen a 3yr old swinging off his ears while the daft bugger just sat there and let him. I'd also seen him be protective of both myself and my wife warning us of possible danger and staying close with his lip curling walking past some chav's late at night. He was once attacked by an Alsatian, the thing was twice his size and blindsided him, even when he tried to back off this brute wouldn't leave off so Ben may the Gods bless him eternally pinned that big fooker down by the throat til I got there. Couldn't train him on the lead and he was a bloody nightmare for giddiness, wouldn't fetch, would heel off lead but not on........... aaahhhhhh!!! Good dog? Bad dog? Well I knew he'd protect the family if I wasn't around but for everything else useless tbh. Now Loki our recent addition to the family (getting on 5-6 weeks now) is a Lurcher 7-9months old we got him from a rescue kennel (sunnyside for those in Wolverhampton or the West Midlands) no idea what he's crossed with other than greyhound (as with all Lurchers). He's a major character and proved himself within hours of being home, although the girls helped choose which dog we were having Amber is a little nervous of dogs. We'd done the spoiling thing and gone out and gotten all new things for him including a rawhide ring, he and I had been playing with this ring for a couple of hours little bit of rough just to help him settle in and establish who was Alpha. Now the kids got back from school Amber sat on the sofa and Loki sensing she was nervous went over to her and gently (brings a tear to my eye how gently) places his raw hide ring next to her on the sofa, she picked it up and offered it him he took it off her ever so gently and danced around with it then placed it next to her again, this time I went for it and it was back to rough and tumble again lol. He came to us with the name Charlie but seemed to have trouble with it, the wife and I both being pagan tried various names until he responded, Loki was the first name to get a response, so Loki he chose for himself. Within 3 weeks we'd gotten basic (very basic, he has trouble if playing but we're working on it and its getting better) recall off the lead, he fetch's although sometimes will tease with the stick/ball before dropping and will respond to all the basic commands, basically he's a highly intelligent dog full of spirit and mischieviousness with a very gentle manner. He's streets ahead where I've read of other dogs being with his training so I have high hopes of him being the perfect all round companion and bushdog. I'd personally urge anyone to try a Greyhound or Lurcher given the chance, there are lots in the rescue centres such loving affection intelligent things the only downsides we've experienced so far is they have no concept of their size and from what I've read and Loki certainly seems to think he's a lap dog and terminal flatulence he can clear a room in seconds but switching to dry instead of wet food seems to help with that. More on Lurchers GreyHound rescue

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