Wednesday, 7 April 2010

EDC Satchel/ Messenger Bag.

Reasons for my choice:
Everything is within easy reach
They’re seen just about everywhere unlike a backpack though they wouldn’t seem out of place anywhere (even in the corporate world).
Prices vary….. but a descent bag doesn’t have to cost the earth.
I decided against a laptop bag on the basis I didn’t want to stick out as having something worth nicking like say a………….. Laptop.
The strap is long enough it can be worn across the shoulders so the bag rests in the small of my back or over my bum.
Price was an issue I did find the PERFECT bag at a price I couldn’t justify to myself, so I opted for a cheaper bag and added some mod’s myself (ok DW did the sewing for me)
With this particular bag you get the bonus of having volume similar to a back pack, (partly because it was once part backpack)
This is the bag I opted for in the end
DSCF1246  DSCF1245
It came with one shoulder strap and two fixed backpack type straps. The backpack straps came right off as surplus to requirements. The remaining strap was a little narrow for prolonged wear and comfort, using one of those cheap webbing type belts often obtained when buying cargo-pants from places like Matalan or Primark, I removed the buckle and metal end pieces sealed with flame then sewed onto the back of the existing strap.
I also managed to obtain a “shoulder support” from another old bag laying about.
DSCF1249 DSCF1250
One of the downsides of a bag such as this is storage, you have plenty of room for stuff but its all in one compartment, so using some leather cut from an old sofa before it went to the tip I added a dump pouch on the back……
Next I added a zipped pocket/pouch (taken from the same bag as the shoulder support) Also you may notice another pocket/pouch taken from the leg of an old pair of cargo-pants.
The flap seemed a little small for using this solely as a shoulder bag so I extended it using some more of the old sofa leather backed with some canvas material I had laying about.
DSCF1251 DSCF1248
And here’s the end result, I’m 6.4” so finding a bag with a strap long enough for my requirements was a bit of a problem
Across the back for easy of mobility,
I’ve been using this as an EDC bag for a month or so now, its a great bag for the price and a little effort, I’ve used it around the town to extend my EDC and in the woods on a bimble.

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