Saturday, 2 January 2010


Knives......... ask on any Bush-craft or Survivalist website/ forum about The Best Knife and you'll get more answers than you can poke a stick at. Almost everyone will tell you, “You need a full tang” while its common sense a full tang is going to be stronger than a stick/rat tail tang, if you look at Himalayan Khukuri's or any of the Scandinavian Blades the vast majority are stick or rat tail tang, now these knives are made by people who use them almost daily for the most part and rely on them.......... see where I'm going with this?

The majority of Bush-crafter's will take a knife, saw and axe out with them so …......... why would you abuse a perfectly good knife by batoning with it when you have an axe there? If your taking an axe you can get away with taking just about any knife you like into the woods, I've used a 3” paring knife from Morrison's to make feather sticks and general cutting chores in the woods and you can get some respectable knives for less than £50 so someone spending £100's is incredulous to me, let alone insisting everyone else needs to, to enjoy themselves, don't get me wrong its your money do what you want with it, but telling other people a £10 Mora is a nooby knife is pretentious to say the least.

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