Saturday, 2 January 2010

Kit Snobs

Kit snobs, people who won't even consider going out into the woods unless something has a brand name stamped onto it, Ray Mears Wood lore, Gransfors Bruks, Swanndri ........ whatever you get the picture. To me Bush-craft is about getting out and getting in touch with nature, relearning primitive skills that our ancestors used every day to live. These people only really cared if the tools did the job it was supposed to, we see the same today with people who actually live the life style, The Evenki, Australian Aboriginals, Mongolian nomads the list is endless. One of the fun things for me is making do or making my own, its all part and parcel of getting into the bush crafter mindset.

I've briefly mentioned Ray Mears the Guru of modern bush-craft, no one I don't care who they think they are can take anything away from this great British woodsman, people need to remember he's also a businessman, there's more than one reason he wears some of the gear he does and endorses it in his book.

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