Saturday, 16 January 2010

Review: E. Jonsson Mora
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Made By E. Jonsson
11cm Carbon Steel Blade,
Wooden Handle. Colour may varies
Overall Length: 22 cms
Was £7.99 Now £4.99
I wasn't very impressed when I first saw this knife out of the packaging, I didn't like the finish on the handle nor the naff plastic sheath with a scabby piece of leather riveted on for attaching to your belt.

As you can see in the above picture after just drawing the knife a couple of times the plastic sheath started to rub off the finish on the handle.
Another thing I wasnt impressed with was the gap between bolster and blade and the exposed end of the stick tang, I felt it just left it open to rust.

A little epoxy resin soon fixed that, I suppose for the price its a small gripe
Sanded down the handle and applied several coats of linseed oil.

Next was the sheath, cut it down to use as an insert in a mimick of the by now infamous M40 Khukri sheath.

Made a sock for it out of an old army sausage kit bag, turning this the right way out required a pair of needlenose pliers and a stubborn streak.

Something didn't sit right with this, so made another using the handle/strap from the kit bag, double stitched up the sides and around the bottom, then cut to shape sealed with a little flame. Leaving the glasp on I'm able to attach to my belt loop, necklace or attach to my belt via a small looped piece of paracord.

The plastic insert from the original sheath sits snuggly and the blade is held in place by the tightness of the material.
The knife itself is overall quite nice, its sharp on arrival and handles well for the few small chores/ tasks Ive put it too (feather sticks, a little batoning,food prep <more to come>) it feels/sits well in the hand and feels ...... right is the only word I can honestly think of to use..... it feels Right Less than £10 including postage I'll definately be buying one or two more of these despite the little niggles upon arrival I'm more than happy with this purchase after just the little touches Ive added.

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